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When you go to home depot or whatever your hardware store of choice is there are so many impact drivers and drills to choose from but why? I mean I get it there are a bunch of different brands, but then every brand has 7 different models in their lineup of cordless drills. Brushed, Brushless, Hydraulic, and sometimes different iterations of each one. So I made a quick video, not a comprehensive review, but a review of sorts, looking at a few impact guns from RIDGID and Makita to see what’s what. To understand what is hype and what are the real differences. Let me tell you it was eye opening! I believed a lot less of the hype than I ought of going into this thing. The brushless tech makes a HUGE difference, and ever within RIDGID’s own lineup, the 5X blows away previous brushed models. The Torque on the Stealth Force is mind boggling. With a 2ah Lithium-ion battery, the drivers ranged from 21 holes drilled to 60! And the noise level difference between the Stealth Force and even the really nice Makita was DOUBLE!

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