There’s about to be a – CHISEL SHOOTOUT!

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You can get a chisel for a dollar. You can get one for several hundred, but what’s the difference?  Are expensive chisels really worth the money?  Are cheap ones no good?

In this video, I compare many qualities of these chisels: how easy are they to flatten/sharpen, ergonomics, edge retention, joinery tasks, price/value…

Check out the video for the full rundown, but here are the cliff notes:

ALDI chisels, you see them, you buy them…they are practically free and they are amazing!

Stanley Sweetheart modern chisels, for a monumental step up from the ALDI and a pretty pedestrian $35 a pop, are a wonderful value.

If you want perfection in the form of perfect bevel edges, space age steel, and perfect ergonomics, you are going to pay. However, it is going to be worth it from the Veritas bench chisels.

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