One Last Spring Cleaning in the City

In full transparency, this year’s spring cleaning is more consequential than most.  This is going to be the last year I clean up this house in St. Louis. We are moving out to the county to be closer to family and have a little more room to breathe. This article is part of a paid […]

Setting up a RIDGID 4512 Table Saw

I have been using a 1977 Craftsman table saw for going on 10 years now.  It has served me well but I need some of the modern creature comforts like a blade guard, kickback pawls, and a riving knife.  After shopping around for a bit I chose to upgrade to the latest iteration of the […]

Epic Wooden PC Case

Hey Guys! This is my favorite project so far. I am a huge fan of PC hardware, overclocking, and gaming #pcmasterrace BUT I have also been woodworking for as long as I remember.  With this project, I was able to combine my two passions and make a beautiful PC case from quartersawn sycamore and cherry. […]

The Perfect Summer Drink-O-Ing Game

My sister asked me to build a bottle cap Plinko game for a golf tournament she is hosting.  This is a super easy build and uses really basic skills but heck, you’ve still gotta make it fun. I will upload some SketchUp schematics and basic plans here in a little bit so stay tuned! Anyways, […]

Sharpening Your Tools with a Belt Sander?

Ok, but not like you think… In this video I show you how to sharpen nay prepare a chisel using DMTs spectacular American made Dia-Sharp sharpening stones, including the very special 4000 grit extra-extra fine stone.  I also use Veritas sharpening jig to get my angles precise, repeatable, and super flat.  Sharp is just the meeting […]

Morning Pick Me Up

Check out the latest video on YouTube the Wall Hanging Coffee Cup Holder.  With a really quick and easy panel joint and some edge details you can make a nice coffee cup holder for the kitchen.  I wish I would’ve made mine with bigger hooks and more spaced out, but it worked out just fine. […]

The Quinquennial Gift

Dovetail Tea/Ring Box and Walnut Rings You are probably a lot better husband than I am in the romantic department, spontaneity is not my strong suit. It is not that I am not considerate, empathetic, and ever loving but I married a very complex lady. I love it but my wife is a bit of […]

A BIG Father’s Day Gift

     My dad’s house is really nice, but it was built at the end of the when the giant tube TVs roamed the wild. The builder was nice enough to build a 24″ jut out off the hearth to accommodate a giant Armoire to house one of those monsters and forever stick this house […]

Making Sawdust

and…Eventually a bunk bed After 2 and a half years in her crib my little girl is growing up and with a new one here it is time for my little girl to get her big girl bed. This is the boring part of her doll house bed. In the next post I will share […]