Pruning a Bush or Fending off Zombies? DeWalt One-Handed Reciprocating Saw

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This quarter I was treated to the compact one-handed reciprocating saw from DeWalt for review.  Don’t let its compact size fool you this thing packs a punch. It may be compact but with DeWalt’s 20v brushless motor and DeWalt’s battery system, this baby’s got teeth. 

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The new Atomic one-handed reciprocating saw from DeWalt is a great light to medium duty reciprocating saw.  The DeWalt one-handed saw is a great tool for household maintenance and demo work. Its compact size and weight make it shine at yard work.  I like the stubby length since when I am pruning the trees I like to use and extra-long pruning blade from Diablo, without the bulky body of a traditional recip saw this is much easier to handle.  

The lightweight saw also reduces fatigue.  This makes it great for trimming limbs over your head or long days of work.

As I’ve said before, beefy heavy tools are almost entirely unnecessary with modern brushless motors.  To get the same power as an old brushed motor a brushless motor is a little tiny thing. I am glad that tool companies are finally getting off that trend of big heavy beefy tools.  With the Atomic line, DeWalt is making a strong entry into the sub-compact line of tools.
They are powerful and light at the same time more work+less weight=WAY MORE WORK! 

 If you want to see me working with the equally awesome Atomic drill/driver combo and impact driver check out the build video I recently did over on the YouTube channel.  I built a desk out of construction lumber and hairpin legs and used them throughout. Subcompact tools are going to give 12v a run for their money.

And remember, keep your tools sharp and you mind sharper…


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