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I recently moved to a wooded area of Missouri with a LOT more deer activity…I think you see where this story is going.  Anyway, during the first rut in the new house (which is apparently a thing) the deer got really crazy and were darting out in front of cars left and right.  The entire social contract between us and Bambi was broken and unfortunately, we hit one.  I am pretty sure she got away, it was a pretty low-speed hit but the plastic bumpers on my car didn’t know the difference.

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I like to devote most of my shop to woodworking tools but I keep a few pack-outs for just such an occasion.  I have a home repair pack out for minor home repair stuff, I have a metalworking pack out at this point (I am trying desperately to keep myself from going too far down that path) and my newest pack out is for auto detailing and body repair.

I started with the case from the Husky tools Hybrid tool organizer meant for wrenches.  I used mine for spudgers of all different shapes and sizes to attach and remove those annoying body panel tabs.  I used the main compartment to store my socket set and the awesome new tight quarters ratchet set sent over from Husky.  These things are awesome when you are working in tight spaces, they can turn a bolt or nut with only ¾” of space to operate.  I like to keep all three sizes handy for body panel removal or working on a motor to the degree I am capable of anyway.

On top of the wrenches, I keep a couple of detail brushes, car care stuff, and shammies…lots of shammies.  Quarantine has effected me only in the sense that my wife and I are nesting HARDCORE, part of that is getting our two old girls back in shiny new shape so this is one part of that.  

I used this kit to replace the noses of both of our cars.  We drive a 2010 Mazda with 200k miles (shes a beast) and a 201 Toyota Prius with 135k miles.  The Prius needed a new nose due to a mystery accident but it seemed much cheaper to replace a $50 bumper than to call it into the insurance. 

Anyways, back to making sawdust.  Look forward to catching up with you on the next Livestream on Sunday or in the video installing my new dust collection set up sometime next week?\

And remember, keep your tools sharp and you mind sharper…

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