One Last Spring Cleaning in the City

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In full transparency, this year’s spring cleaning is more consequential than most.  This is going to be the last year I clean up this house in St. Louis. We are moving out to the county to be closer to family and have a little more room to breathe.

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The Missouri winters (and early spring) are rough on landscaping and I want to recover my curb appeal to really make this house pop. This shouldn’t be too hard with a front door as beautiful as this.

Milwaukee M18

Traditionally, I have used gas-powered tools to whip this yard back into shape. This year I was sent Milwaukee’s new M18 Chainsaw along with their new QUIK-LOK system (string trimmer, hedge trimmer, edger, tree pruner).

The Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw has a 16” bar and on-tool wrench for maintenance and tensioning. Maybe most importantly, a lockout safety lever to keep you from activating the trigger with your hands in an unsafe position.  

Between the new M18 electric motors from Milwaukee and the new 12 amp hour battery, the power and battery life of this chainsaw leave you wanting for little.  It is also quieter with lower maintenance than a comparable gas-powered saw. This makes it great to keep around the house or for maintaining a small property. No gas to gel up in the lines or carburetors to clean.

Not just another battery-powered string trimmer…

Most multifunction electric string trimmers are jacks-of-all-trades but masters of none.  This Milwaukee hits at another level. With the QUIK-LOK system and optional attachments, this is more like some of the professional multi-purpose yard tools.

QUIK-LOK allows all of the tools to fit securely and confidently, even with the extension arm.  The string head also has two strings rather than one, as most electric trimmers do. This is usually a sacrifice made to compensate for the power of the tool, but the Milwaukee isn’t lacking in this area.  All of the tools were put through their paces and I beat back all of the overgrowth…and SELL THIS HOUSE FAST!!!

I also managed to finally clean out under my workbench. I hope the future homeowner appreciates what I am going through for them. (UPDATE: The new homeowner is a woodworker (former cabinet maker) and chef. It is in good hands).

What are your big projects this spring?


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