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First Order Retrievability is BIG for Productivity and Shop Organization

I have a confession to make, I am not a man who keeps a clean and organized shop…

You know I would love to be, but that is just not me.  My interest in first order retrievability is DEEP.  I have been so inspired by Adam Savage’s shop and 1st order retrievability…or at least 1.5x order retrievability.  

First order retrievability is where you can always both SEE and QUICKLY GRAB all of your most commonly used tools, 1.5x retrievability (or at least what I consider anything less than first order retrievability, but more than a bucket of tools) is where your less frequently used tools are out of sight, but in an easily retrievable area with no obstacles to getting them out and using them.  This means keeping batteries nearby, having extension cords and blades, bits, accessories ready to go.

I recently spent a few nights in the shop doing some shop organization and a first order retrievability upgrade and using the Husky 22” Connect Rolling Tool Box to add a little more functionality, organization and portability to my hardware AND my 1.5 order retrievable tools.

So Lets Start With This 1st Order Retrievability upgrade…


first order retrievability ikea hack ikea lack shelves, reciprocating saws, first order retrievability and shop organization

Its always nice to have your favorite tools out and at arms reach.

On rare occasions will I take the time to build nice shop furniture, when a custom solution is necessary (check out my most recent piece of shop furniture with this router table) or if there is a very particular task I am trying to accomplish. Most of the time I spend in the shop needs to be building THINGS, not making places to build things, so wherever an affordable off-the-shelf solution is available to organize my shop I’ll buy over build ALL THE TIME.  I took a page out of some of the YouTube Tech reviewers shops out there and went to IKEA to see if they had any good shop organization solutions I could use in my workshop to move me towards my utopian goal of first order of retrievability.

I started with the idea of using a Kallax shelf like I have used before in my basement to organize my camera gear, but when I went into the store I saw the Lack shelving unit on the wall that could not only store my tools, but could also be cleaned out by my preferred method (a leaf blower.)

ikea hack first order retrievable retrievability shop organization

I am not sure if I need the chainsaw up there, but I hope to use it more often. Do you see that new Ridgid cordless bluetooth boom box?

Not all tools are so important as to deserve their own shelves and arms reach away.  There is also the matter of nails, screws, and hardware and keeping them easy enough to grab, without making a mess of them.  This is where the Husky 22” Rolling Tool Box really shines.

More Organization with the Husky 22″ Connect Rolling Tool Box


First, you’ve got the bottom layer, where it is just a tote you can hold the larger and sometimes less often used tools.  This keep dust off of them and they are still super easy to get to with the tool boxes quick release handles. This probably more like 2nd order retrievability but super nice to have.

Husky rolling tool box 2nd order storage tool box

The bottom compartment in the Husky rolling tool box is great for storing spare or larger tools.

The next layer of the tool box is great for organizing those tools you are going to use all the time like drills, hammers, screwdrivers…whatever.  This is where I keep my jigsaw, a couple less used hand planes, and all of the screw drivers I need for the occasional tool adjustment. I also keep my Husky Dead blow Rubber Handled mallet for snugging up those joints where I may have missed by a smidge on…the ‘ole suggester.

Finally you have the first order retrievable section on the top of the case for hardware and small bits and bobs.  Keeping you screws and nails in a great easy to snag spot like this is critical to an organized shop. 

This is the part of this toolbox that really makes me willing to give up floor space for it.  I keep all of my different screws, hinges, and all of the little doo dads at arms reach. This toolbox will live under the wing of my table saw, within arms reach, but still clean and well maintained.

home depot husky rolling tool cabinet first order retrievability for screws and nails in the shop. shop organization.

The top level of the Husky Rolling tool Storage cabinet is a great place to organize your most used hardware.

So many tools come through the shop for reviews with the #THDProspective.  This along with all of the other awesome tool systems I have bought over the years have paid a toll. I finally found a good place to put all of the chargers for all of these battery systems.  So I commandeered the outside of one of the vertical “Jackman” drawers on my router table and attached the chargers.

dewalt ryobi milwaukee ridgid makita chargers first order retrievability and shop organization.

I used the side of the Jackman vertical drawers to store all my chargers for easy retrievability.

Check out the Full Video Building the Router Table

First order retrievability is going to be the way of the WoodWorkLIFE shop.  I have a lot of work to do over this summer and well…the rest of my life.  Whelp, back to work.

Remember, Keep your tools sharp and your mind sharper,

If you have any ideas for future projects please let me know in the comments down below.  I would love to build something cool from one of you dude’s suggestions.

This video is part of a paid partnership with The Home Depot. All of the thoughts and impressions expressed in this article are my own. All tools referenced in the article can be purchased at you local home depot or at

Buy the tools mentioned in this article from the Home Depot at the Links Below

Husky 22 in Connect Rolling System Toolbox 79.99

Husky Deadblow Rubber Handled Mallet

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