Sharpening a Saw Blade w/ the Pros at WD Quinn Saw Company

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I like to work with people in my neighborhood, so when I had a dull saw blade I first started off by checking out what was going on in my own backyard. I remembered a business card I had grabbed at the woodworking show in St. Louis for a company that engineered and sharpened saw blades just about 20 minutes away from my house. Completely unaware of what I was getting into, I called them and set up a time where I could tour the facility. A little unassuming building on the north side of town contained more heavy industrial equipment porn than you could ever imagine. From automated German sharpening and polishing machines, laser etching machines, precision measurement instruments, to hell even a few robots, this place is amazing. Of course, I had to share this with you guys, so I set up a time where I could come in and film, I brought my dad (pardon the camera work,) and went after it. Joe did a fantastic job showing us around the shop but unfortunately with all of those machines a-buzzing the audio was unusable, but I salvaged what I could.

So here it is, the shop tour/sharpening process at WD Quinn Saw Company.

These guys are fantastic if you ever need a blade sharpened give them a call. Mention Wood Work LIFE and get 20% off your sharpening service.

You can Also check out their website,

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