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ridgid octane megamax

The RIDGID MEGAMax features Octane technology from RIDGID.

The RIDGID MEGAMax the Die Hard 2: Die Harder of tool names.  Ridgid’s MEGAMax isn’t the most versatile of multi-tools…yet.  What it does do though, it does as well as any tool in your tool box.  The MEGAMax is a reciprocating saw, a right angle drill, and an SDS hammer, all cordless, all powered by Ridgid’s new Octane series smart batteries.  I recently finished a bathroom remodel in Palazzo WoodWorkLIFE along with some other workshop jobs like drilling dog holes and was able to put the MEGAMax through its paces.


ridgid megamax sds

The RIDGID MEGAMax SDS was intrumental in our bathroom remodel.

A Jack of All Trades, Master of None?


The MEGAMax is punching in a heavy weight bracket.  The tools it offers aren’t electric toothbrushes and back scratchers, we are talking an SDS hammer, recip saw, and a right angle drill.  

These are core tools for plumbers, demolition, electricians, concrete workers…this tool needs to be good and tough. The MEGAMax accomplished this with an all metal locking mechanism that lacks no power or confidence when connected.  Using the SDS hammer, chipping through bathroom tile mortared to brick was a true test of this mechanism. It didn’t stop, overheat or lose connection once. I used it alongside the contractor who was helping me out with the remodel, and they had brought their own corded SDS.  We traded tools a few times and after he got comfortable with the MEGAMax, I was stuck using his corded tool.

ridgid megamax review

The RIDGID MegaMAX features a stout all metal locking mechanism.


At the THD Prospective event in New York earlier this year when the MEGAMax was announced I was was tasked with trying to stall out the right angle drill with my full 800 pound gorilla strength alongside the 1000 pound gorilla that is John Malecki and neither of us could even make the thing giggle.  

The motor in the MEGAMax is certainly up to any task. This doesn’t come without compromise though, with a big battery and the hefty locking mechanism, the MEGAMax has a few pounds on a comparable uni-tasker. A few pounds may not sound like much, but in a full day on the job site it could make a difference.


Who is thing made for?


This is the question I have gotten the most from contractor friends I have shown it to.  Most of them are masons and steel workers. The line from them is usually “I already had a (insert tool here), I am sure this doesn’t do as well as a (brand name) (tool name)”  I don’t think Ridgid is targeting this thing to replace the SDS hammer drill you go to bed with every night. I think this tool is more targeted for the tradesman that needs all these tools, but doesn’t need to use any one of them all day.  

Think of an electrician.  At the beginning of the day they are drilling through a 6” foundation wall to run the mains to a new electrical panel.  Before Lunch they are drilling through floor joists to run cable across the house and up the wall. After lunch they are notching out some poorly placed studs to install power outlets and light switches.  

Does an electrician need three huge corded tools to do all of this? Do they need to drag an extension cord with them all over the house?

Or can one small tool bag with 3 tool heads and a 6ah Octane battery get the job done?  I think the same goes for plumbers, low voltage guys, and homeowners. There is no reason to own a unitasker if there are options that get the job you NEED done and don’t require you to lug around tools and an extension cord.

ridgid mega max tool heads

With such high quality heavy duty tools, this multi-tasker can replace three professional tools.


I mean, I do some home maintenance.  It comes with the job. I primarily try to stick to woodworking, I like it, it likes me, so you probably won’t see the RIDGID MEGAMax around my shop too often.  It is however so versatile, it will keep me from replacing my janky hammer drill I recently retired. If I ever go to a help my brothers out with demo, I won’t bring my recip saw, I will just bring the MEGAMax bag and a few Octane batteries and be the hero of the day.  I do LOVE the right angle drill for drilling through thick stock, you might see it come out a few times if I can ever build the timber frame workshop I have always dreamed of. More on that later.














This post is part of a paid partnership with The Home Depot as part of the THD Prospective.  All thought and impressions expressed in this article are my own.

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