DIY Built-In Quad Bunk Bed Plans


Plans for the DIY Quad Built-In Bunk Beds


This is the complete plan to build your version of the built-in quad bunk beds I built for my daughters.  These plans include measured 3D models for the bunk beds, a full cut list, and a materials list along with detail renders of specific bunk bed components.  The included designs are built around through mortise and tenon joinery but you could substitute the dados and countersunk screws and plugs from my video and article if you wanted to mix things up based on your skill or experience level.  (Note: You will need to scale these plans horizontally to fill your space, please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance on any of my social media platforms.)

New Release

bunk bed plans rendered

special 50% off, price goes up as soon as the plans go live.  Preorders will be emailed the full PDF within the next 2 weeks.


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