Ridgid’s NXT Lineup Stepping up Wet/Dry Vacs AGAIN

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Ridgid’s latest generation of Wet/Dry vacs have so many features, they actually have started to leave some pretty important details off the marketing material altogether. Scroll Noise Reduction (SNR), a patented feature that keeps operation quiet while retaining power, doesn’t even make the label.  This was a crown-jewel feature on last year’s high-end vacs!

Ridgid 14 gal wet/dry 2019 head on shot

This year’s round of updates is just that much better. Given the choice of any vac in 2019’s lineup, the 14-gallon model with the car detailing kit takes the cake upon the mountain of Ridgid vacs.  

The NXT lineup this year increased performance 41%, and they were awesome last year.  I didn’t think there was going to be that much in it. That was until I went to the release event and saw Ridgid run this year’s vacs against last year’s. This year’s models are noticeably suckier…(sorry, I had to).

Rick cleaning back seat with Ridgid NXT line of wet/dry vac

I don’t have a manometer or a way to quantitatively test the NXT vacs against the SNR model from last year (which was also the top of the line) but the NXT is just better.

In addition to all that power, Ridgid’s wet/dry vacs also have locking hoses and attachments.  This allows you to drag the vacs around by the hose without worrying about the hose detaching.   They also use a larger diameter hose than any other vacs I have used. This provides less turbulence and more air volume to pick up the really big chips.  It does create one problem when cleaning up. If the wheels get stuck on something and you just keep on pulling, the vacuum will “trip” instead of just detaching the hose.  This is kind of a PITA, but I’ll live with it. Of course, with their ergonomic handle, you could just pick it up.

Locking accessories for 2019 14 gal Ridgid NXT wet/dry vacs

Vacuuming the Dad Van

Recently, we moved and my ox of an SUV (200k mile Mazda CX9) served as my work truck, my moving van, and my van for running the kids to school.  I have been so busy I have been really neglecting her care and maintenance. Using the included car detailing kit, I gave her some well deserved TLC. If you have kids you know what kind of surprises you may find under car seats (shudders). With the large diameter hose, I could blindly hunt for lost Goldfish without worrying about clogs from lost socks. This wet/dry vac won’t be purely dedicated to cleaning the car, but it did a GREAT job. Not only is the vacuum powerful but these auto detailing accessories are no joke.  Their designs are top-notch and even have overmolding similar to Ridgid’s cordless power tools.  

Love is too strong of a word to use in anything talking about a vacuum, even a wet/dry vac. However, this has been my go-to vac and should stay that way until next year’s wet/dry vacs come out.

This kit with the 14 Gallon 6hp vac and the auto detailing kit with extended hose goes for $139 from Home Depot at the time of this review. It is worth every penny.  It’s power rivals some of the high-end “dust extractors,” it’s quiet (SNR), the accessories are beefy and locking, and it’s 1/5th the price. Those are wins all around.


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