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A few things have changed since the last time I shared my Everyday Carry (EDC).  My EDC has gone from capturing every moment at the highest possible fidelity (better cameras and more camera gear) to using my phone and including more utility in my pack.  There is also more in my packout around journaling, to-do lists, and field notes.

So let’s check it out

My first big upgrade has been adding a laptop to my packout.  This allows me to do things like typing this article when and wherever I have a few minutes.  This allows me to be a little more spontaneous with designing and rendering new ideas.  It also allows me to be a real YouTuber and edit at coffee shops if I am feeling the need. I went with an HP Spectre x360. It has an exceptional screen, amazing battery life, a great keyboard, and a terrible trackpad.  It does, however, have a stylus you can use to take your Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator game to the next level. I have linked to my laptop below.

HP x360 i7 16 GB RAM Vega Mobile

You call that a knife…this is a knife

I still carry my Benchmade Mini-griptilian regularly, it is a fantastic knife that holds a great edge and it is just the right size.  The phenolic handle feels nearly indestructible. But, a standard blade isn’t always the MOST utilitarian knife you can carry. On the complete other end of the spectrum, as part of the Home Depot Prospective I was sent a $7 husky knife with fantastic serrated edge, rosewood handle, and a pretty decent feel in the hand.  But it also carries Husky’s no questions asked lifetime warranty, so I guess if it ever dulls I can just bring it back into the store…you can pick one of these up for yourself here or you can spring for the mini-griptilian here

Dear Journal

Next up is my journaling setup.  I have several journals, sketch pads, and field notes journals that I scribble and doodle in all the time.  I wish I was organized or methodical about the way I used my journal but that just doesn’t fit my crazy brain.  My notebooks of choice are Moleskine in this Cahier finish, so I can doodle on the covers too. The lovely #WoodWorkWife found a steal on this XXL models and you can buy them here or look for a sweet deal at Marshalls.  I also am obsessed with these Tombow calligraphy pens, they make writing such an occasion and they are only 5$ for a set.  Sometimes it is worth it to spring for the good stuff. You can buy them here


I switched to the google Pixel 3 XL and the Moment case and 16mm lense and it made me stop missing my SLR for well lit shots.  When I am out and about and just wanting to capture a moment, the Pixel with this lens combination and Pixel’s algorithmic photography are the first phone setup I have used that take passable professional photos, they better because they are twice the price of my SLR setup.  You can buy them here if you want to up your game.

Last but not least, my new tape

I have long been a stanley Leverlock man, then I thought I might tryout the Milwaukee Stud tape, [you can check out the full article here] but now I have moved onto the Klein 16ft tape and so far so good.  I don’t like all the grippiness on the body and it is a little too large to fit in my pocket, but it has a nice belt clip and a great standoff and feel. I’ll give it some more time to see if it turn into a shiv like my last Leverlock did.

That is it for the 2019 Q1 EDC quicklook, I might start doing these quarterly, it is certainly something I want to optimize until I get it perfect.  We will see, signup for the newsletter so you can be notified the next time I write a post.

What is in your EDC?

Remember, Keep your tools sharp and your mind sharper


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