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Am I the only one who grew up watching Good Eats with Alton Brown? (update: he is back with new episodes!) There is something he used to say on his show about “stinkin’ unitaskers”.  In a food shop (aka kitchen) like in a small woodshop (aka garage) we don’t have any room for any stinkin’ unitaskers.  Dremel doesn’t just live in this space, it was born there, it didn’t even see a unitasker until it was already a man.

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This is where Dremel’s rotary tools come in.  Both the classic corded rotary tool (in this case the Dremel 4300 1.8 amp model), and the new 12volt cordless rotary tool will be explored.

History of the Rotary Tool

Die grinders have been around basically as long a pneumatic tools were a thing.  Spinning a cutter head benefits machine shops and factory floors around the world, but what about the little guy?  The compressors needed to reliably run pneumatic tools can be a hindrance to small shop life. That is where Dremel comes in.  Since 1932, Dremel has been designing and manufacturing electric and battery-powered rotary tools to the point where the name has become synonymous with the tool, like Kleenex, Sawzall, or Skil saw.  Dremel’s rotary tools deliver variable speed power, along with the accessories to do everything from power carving, detail sanding, fine drilling, routing, cutting, and much more.

And now, with cordless…

And now, Dremel makes an entirely cordless model.  The 8220 cordless 12-volt Dremel cuts ALL the cords (literally and figuratively.)  No air hose, no power cord, just versatile multitasker goodness.  I even used the 8220 to trim my dog’s nails. The cleaner power of a battery-powered tool causes the motor to be quieter which is great to not scare Caly while I trimmed her vicious claws.

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It’s that time of the year again, #springcleaning and this weekend I’m starting off with a spa day for Calypso my 9 year old show mutt. I like using the @dremel 12v cordless rotary tool with an 80 grit sanding drum for this because the cordless model is quieter (so as not to upset her delicate disposition)yet still has plenty of power to deal with them doggo nails. It’s also a great engraving, detail sanding, drilling, and routing tool. Multitaskers are greatly appreciated in this dude’s shop. Are there any tools in your workshop that serve double duty in your house? This post is part of a partnership with @homedepot as part of the #thdpropsective . . . #rescuedog #rescuepup #saveadog #dremel #multitool #dog #cutedog #dognails #homedepot #springcleanup #woodworklife

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This extra cordless action also allows you to do more versatile carving without having to drag a cord around.  You would think 12 volts would not be enough power but honestly, you can barely tell the difference between the corded and cordless model.  Battery life leaves a bit to be desired but honestly, I rarely do more than detail work with my rotary tool on woodworking projects. So I will leave that up to the metal workers and engravers out there.

If you do need more battery life though…

With the Dremel 4300 and the flex shaft attachment, you can have all the mobility and versatility of the cordless model.  This is similar to running a die grinder off a thin hose. I tried a little bit of carving with this bad boy, but um…I suck.  More practice and patience are on the table for me in the future, someday I want to carve a thing.

The flex shaft isn’t QUITE long enough though.  I wish it was just a little bit longer. It is lighter weight and gives a little bit more range of motion than carrying the rotary tool around itself, but it does add weight and doesn’t give a full range of motion.

More practice is needed with these guys though so I can make stuff with them instead of just hacking and making a bunch of sawdust.  Someday I will get on the great Paul Jackman or Bobby Duke’s level.

Do you do any carving?


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