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I have done plenty of framing and demo work in the past, like LOTS of it!  But I don’t do any, anymore so I had no way to put the Ridgid 18 volt Octane Brushless Reciprocating Saw through its paces in my day to day.  So how would I, as a furniture maker put a demolition and rough milling saw through its paces? Give it an insane fine woodworking challenge of course. Enter the “Will it Dovetails?” Challenge.

So…can you cut dovetails with a reciprocating saw?

Let’s give it a shot…


I was really surprised with the quality of the Ridgid Octane Brushless Reciprocating Saw.  There was such little vibrations and so much attenuation in the trigger that this tool could literally be used as a fine woodworking tool.  I am not suggesting it is the BEST fine woodworking tool, I am just suggesting it is precise enough to do so with practice (if you are into that kind of thing.)  

Taking my time and really focusing on my lines, I was able to cut a full side of tails and pins on my first try in about 20 minutes.  Were they my best tails? Hell no! BUT I have seen far worse in hand made antiques. They were tight and structurally sound which at the end of the day is what you you really want.

But Why?  

IT WAS FUN! It was like putting myself 10 years back before I ever cut a side of tails.  It was kind of like a skill building exercise, using a non standard tool forces you to really think about the key elements of cutting the joint.

     What is the best way to mark up the joint?

     Which side of the line do I cut on again?

     How do I cut a square cut with this tool?

     What is the best way to position my body to get consistent               results?

I think I am going to make this a series, it was just so much fun.  Dovetails with a ______? It is nice to just get into you shop and mess around sometimes.


Any suggestions for a tool I should try down the road?  Chainsaw? Knife? Flamethrower?

Check out the video if you want to see more.

Buy the products I used in this article from the Home Depot at the links below,

Ridgid 18 volt Octane Brushless Reciprocating Saw $149.99

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This post is part of a paid partnership with The Home Depot.  All of the thoughts, impressions, and words are my own.

Thanks for reading…watching?  Whatever you did, remember Keep Your Tools Sharp and Your Mind Sharper!



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