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This is a little mini-review of my favorite Milwaukee bits, but I just have to hand it to the folks at HD on this deal.  I am not just saying this as part of my partnership with Home Depot but just a heads up on a really good deal on the Milwaukee 142 piece bit set.

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I have always bought the Red Helix drill bit sets (I have two of them) and these are MINE not sent to me by Milwaukee.  This 142 piece Milwaukee bit set not only contains driver bits ad nauseam but also has 5 of your more commonly used drill bits: 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 7/64, 1/8, and 3/16ths inch Red Helix drill bits.  

I bought the Red Helix bits because they are so versatile, I have yet to break one when drilling wood or metal.  They also have a tip similar to a brad point bit so you can refer to a punched mark to drill super-accurate holes.  The finished cut left behind is no slouch either. It is not to the degree of some of the higher-end augers and drill bits out there. But it is clean enough for pre-drilling screws and the odd decorative dowel. However, the exit hole still leaves something to be desired.

The Milwaukee impact bits are great though, I used to deal with drill bits by just buying in bulk from DeWalt. No offense to DeWalt fans, but their bits aren’t necessarily durable, but plentiful.  Which I guess is fine in a job site setting where they are more likely to be lost than worn out. These Milwaukee bits are super durable and don’t “Chooch” as easily as many other drill bits do.  You can see below for an image of a pretty heavily used one. I guess this can be attributed to the custom Alloy76 in the bits, whatever that means.  Not too bad either way.

The really nice this is with these little carrying cases. I can feel comfortable leaving a set inside to use around the house.  If there are any bits I REALLY need from that case I can always bring them back out. There is plenty of redundancy though, which is nice to have a set that can live inside especially with this polar vortex whirling around the midwest.

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