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I recently did a PC build for Axpona 2018.  I really wanted the wooden PC case to attach to a white-oak base using a couple of 6010 aluminum struts, but I have ZERO experience cutting metal.  At first, I started by setting up my X-Carve CNC with as light of passes as I could muster.  I haven’t really dialed in the rigidity of the Y-axis on my machine as much as I should with these sorts of cuts so I was wobbling all over the place.  6010 aluminum is also pretty tough stuff. So I didn’t want to wait three days to cut the stuff.

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I ended up cutting the outline with the CNC then following up with edge guides and a cutoff wheel to cut out the final shape.  A couple of problems with a cutoff wheel though A) they wear out quickly, especially in non-ferrous metals and 2) they spray sparkles EVERYWHERE.

This year, I was sent the new Diablo Steel Demon, (UPDATE: this item has been discontinued at HD but a similar one is available, the original is available at Amazon) and it is on a whole other level.  This is more like what professionals use to cut metal. No sparks, no heat, and a smooth clean edge.  If you have a good enough shop vacuum, and a saw with decent dust collection, you can even keep the metal chips at bay.

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Super clean and cool to the touch cuts with this @diablo_tools steel demon blade WHIPPING through some 6010 aluminum sheet. Just let your wife know you will be cutting aluminum or she will think you had a wild night out, that glitter sticks to you forever. I had a little bit of scrap I wanted to clean up, 6010 ain’t cheap. The @ridgidpowertools new Octane saw was perfect for this blade too with it’s slightly lower blade speed. What do you use to cut metal I your shop? I was using a cutoff wheel until now. This post is part of a paid partnership with @homedepot #thdprospective #homedepotpartner . . . #thepurge #scraps #scrapping #6010 #aluminum #diabloblades #freud #homedepot #newtool #teamridgid #teamorange #octane #makersgottamake #metalworking #steelcutting #woodworklife

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All of this was just an excuse to show you that system I built again AND to talk about the new system I am building for the DJ Jauz.  Video should be up sometime in May, pretty pumped about it.

I have not worked with much metal in my shop, but I with the Steel Demon living here I might do a bit more.  Do you like combining steel and wood? Or aluminum and wood?

What do you use to cut metal?


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